Brand Ambassador

We are engaging Brand Ambassadors for short brand awareness campaigns.

Candidates should have a love of the outdoors or travel. We want to show Trekroll where you live and play.

Trekroll is a new bedroll-style sleeping bag that includes a fitted air bed with a built-in foot pump and packs up in a weatherproof carry duffel. Perfect on the road, in the field or at the campground. Grab & go sleeping gear manufactured in the Asheville, NC, USA.

The goal of the brand awareness campaign is distribution of promotional cards with a special offer. There are no sales involved. A 12 week duration with 2 hrs commitment per week is typical.  A percentage of the card recipients will convert online to a customer status. Conversions pay a fee weekly and the Trekroll is gifted at the end of the campaign. Earn $1,000+. 

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