Trekroll 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: A full refund if it's not your thing. Contact us within 30 days from purchase for a full refund or we'll replace any defective product if you prefer. Contact us at Support.

Trekroll Weight: The 11 lb packed weight includes the bedroll, air bed, pillow and duffel.

Warmth: The Classic is designed for a 40f low comfort based on the individual. It's a 2+ season, late Spring to early Fall camping or indoor use warmth. Cozy but not too hot. Full length zippers on both sides for ventilation.

Trekroll Sleeping Size: Fits up to tall adult. 78" length x 28" width plus the unique 8" side height creates elbow space and roll-over room.

Trekroll Packed Duffel Size: 34" length x 10" diameter. Compact and easy to toss in the car or closet.

Camping Bedroll Use: Unroll with the air bed on the bottom. Inflate with the built-in pump at the foot using an up and down pressing motion with a stocking or bare foot over the open pump valve. It takes about 90 seconds for a 4" thickness. There's a pillow OR stuff your sweatshirt in the pillow sleeve to keep it warm and convenient.

Pack up: Deflate the air bed with an open exhaust port, roll tightly, and load into the duffel. Quick-release clasps inside the duffel assist with closing up.

Clean Travel Bedding: Place the bedroll, without air bed, on hotel or guest beds for bedding you trust.

Decorating the Duffel Pocket: The large outer duffel pocket is made of 100% cotton canvas so collectible iron-on patches can be applied without heat damaging the fabric. A permanent sharpie works great for signatures or making art and memories.

Bedroll Care: Cleaning - Separate the bedroll from the air bed and machine wash in cold water and gentle cycle. Fits a standard machine. Low heat or air dry. The fabrics are durable poly/cotton blends. Made to use.

Air Bed Guarantee: We'll replace a defective air bed up to 1 year. The waterproof fabric is polyester-coated PVC and chosen for durability. The air bed is 4 lbs of the total duffel weight. Adhesive patch kit included (just in case). Not a floatation device or trampoline. :) As "they" say, take care of it and it will take care of you.

Duffel Bag Materials: Made with weatherproof nylon to keep your bedding clean and dry when you need it.

Manufactured in the USA: Domestic and imported elements.

Giving: A clean, dry place to sleep can be a challenge in a crisis. We welcome suggestions of deserving organizations.

Global Citizen: Trekroll is proud to support the Global Citizen Rewards program to end extreme poverty NOW."



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