Sedona offers outdoor enthusiasts a unique playground for all adventure types, so multiple days in Sedona is a must!  With a plethora of free camping just outside of town, it’s a perfect place to fill the day and sleep under the stars at night.

Beautiful Free Camping in Sedona, AZ

Sedona. A rich and vibrant oasis in Northern Arizona. Nestled between Prescott and Flagstaff, Sedona offers outdoor enthusiasts a unique playground for all adventure types. Whether you're searching for incredible hiking trails, rigorous mountain biking adventures, or a spiritual wellness retreat, Sedona has the goods for you. 


No matter your desired expedition, multiple days in Sedona is a must! Avoid the hotels, airbnbs, and paid campgrounds - Sedona has a plethora of FREE camping spots just outside of town.

Follow 89A West from Sedona. About 10 miles out of town, you'll see an exit for Forest 525 Rd (aka Loy Butte Rd.) Take this road to the North. This area of land is a mixture of private and public, so keep your eyes peeled for signage. 

You will eventually run into a fork in the road (right heads to Palatki Heritage Site). Per COVID, this site was closed...bummer! It looks like a great place to check out in the future. I took a left at the fork and ended up finding a great site just down the road. There are some very easy pull outs and some great walk-in camping areas with fire rings, etc. 

Camping on Forest 525 Rd.


Hold on to your hats, this ride is about to get a little wild. Among the great views, Sedona is also host to seven vortexes. A vortex is a location where energy is said to be felt by visitors. The "energy that exists at these locations interacts with the subtle body energy belonging to each visitor. The energy vibrates within and emphasizes the inner being of each person."

I noticed many people meditating, performing chakra work and stretching. It was an overall calm environment and, while I didn't necessarily feel any energy, it was a great experience to spend some time at a vortex. 

Crowds arrive early, so I would recommend getting an early start! If you are interested in learning more about the seven vortexes, check out this great blog.

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